The ticket costs 2 lei and a trip is valid on the routes within the Sibiu Municipality. A journey represents the distance traveled from the boarding  to the first end of the line. If you are to change routes on another bus, you must validate another ticket.

The travel tickets (except those bought directly on the bus) will be validated in the specially designed devices for this purpose, immediately after the climb in the means of transport.

The paper ticket entitles you to a single trip, without interruption, only in the vehicle in which it was validated.

Paper tickets, purchased from Tursib points of sale, from collaborators and from station machines, are valid only after being validated in the devices specially placed in buses.

Tickets can be purchased from:

Tickets valid on route 22 Sibiu - Păltiniş

The price of a ticket for a trip is 9 lei, for 2 trips it is 16 lei. Păltiniş tickets can be purchased when you get on the bus, from the driver.

For groups, who want to travel by bus 22 to Păltiniş, tickets can be issued from the Tursib Agency, from Sibiu, Calea Dumbrăvii, nr.135.

Buses running route 22 have 53 seats and cannot travel with a larger number of passengers. Groups over 20 persons are requested to announce Păltiniş's intention to travel by bus 22 specifying the date and time of the climb and the date and time of the descent. The announcement is made at least two days before the trip, to Tursib, Department of Transport, by phone 0269 426100 or by e-mail